7 Things To Check Before You Get Your Currency Exchange

April 26, 2021 | AtoZ Markets Many people tend to lose a lot of money when they visit foreign countries. Most of these cases have to do with the issue of currency exchange.

What Is Currency Exchange?

Currency exchange is the act of swapping one country’s money (currency) with another based on universal exchange rates.

Why Does One Need A Currency Exchange?

You need a currency exchange if you are traveling to another country. Having the local currency will help you receive goods and services smoothly.

Here are a few things that will help you in that process:

The Exchange Rates

Research the current exchange rates. These rates are constantly fluctuating, so looking into it will prevent you from being duped. An easy way to check the rates and know exactly how much money to expect is to use a currency calculator.

Make Comparison Of Vendors

Before you settle on a specific currency exchange vendor, walk around and make inquiries from at least three vendors. You will notice that everyone charges a different transaction fee. Compare the rates and settle on the most affordable to avoid losing too much money in the process.

Use An Authorized Forex Dealer

Ensure you transact with an authorized dealer. This will minimize your chances of getting ripped off. On that note, avoid exchanging your currency with random people at the airport. The rates are usually very high, so you end up with less money. Additionally, depending on where you are, you can end up with fake currency and no one to help you out. Generally, don’t make a currency exchange at the airport- even the authorized dealers tend to have higher rates.

Don’t Carry Around Too Much Money

To avoid the risk of being pickpocketed or somehow just losing money, do not exchange all your cash at once and carry it around.

Use a Forex Card

It may seem convenient to use your credit or debit card and avoid the hassle of cash, but you probably shouldn’t. Using these also attracts a fee with every transaction, and it is usually pretty high. You will end up losing a substantial amount of money. Additionally, if you did not inform your bank about your travels, it may get suspicious about the transactions and block your card altogether. Instead, get a forex card. This assures you of a 100% return on your money.

Understand Currency Exchange Rules

You must become well versed with the currency exchange rules, especially if you are going to a new country. This is because some countries prohibit currencies from other countries, and you may end up stranded. Find out if you can exchange the currency you have there. If not, get the acceptable currency before you travel.

Steer Away From Universal Currency Exchange

Worldwide, the Dollar is one of the most used currencies. You may notice that while shopping or making a buy in a far-off country, local people will give you an alternative of paying in dollars. It seems like a good deal, but you will notice that you end up paying more than the normal price. To avoid such hidden costs, insist on paying in the local currency.


It is essential to be very well informed before you exchange your currency. You will avoid a lot of hidden charges and save money in the long run.

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