5 Useful Tips for Writing an Academic Essay

Academic essay writing is a style that anyone can learn to produce, once they know the basics of writing an essay. In this article, we’ll share 5 useful tips to help you improve your essay writing.

June 23 2020 | AtoZ MarketsAcademic essay writing is a form of writing that a student has to produce when in college or university. It requires you to come up with an informed discussion. Completing such an assignment can be an uphill task. However, these five tips will make your academic essay stand out.

Top 5 academic essay writing tips

These top 5 academic essay writing tips that I’d like to share:

1# Create time for writing

Having sufficient time to write your piece is one of the key points to keep in mind. Such assignments come with extended deadlines so, you will have adequate time to work on it. According to https://customessayorder.com/, to compose an excellent academic piece of writing, you require sufficient time. Most students underestimate the need for this and end up procrastinating. As a result, one ends up spending the night before the deadline struggling to complete the work and, in the end, get poor grades.

Therefore, set aside some time and plan on how you will write and rewrite your work. Begin by allotting some hours each day for researching. After you have collected all the materials necessary, set a specific time each day and dedicate it to writing. Having an uninterrupted time to work on your paper creates a routine that helps you complete your work before the deadline or take the help of  CanExport grant service.

2# Carry out an in-depth research

Sufficient research is another essay writing tip. The foundation of any academic assignment is excellent research. A well-researched topic gives you enough materials to discuss your issue while providing focus to your work. So, you need to prioritize this at all costs. Begin by considering research as an individual activity that you have to undertake.

Next, set the first few days of writing for gathering research materials. Go through library books, articles, and research journals published on the internet. Pick materials with the best information for your discussion and pile them together.

According to The Write Practice, there is always the temptation to write what pleases your professor. You should avoid this and instead write about a topic that interests or surprises you. In this way, researching your topic becomes easier as you have an interest in your work, making the process of researching easy.

3# Learn how to structure your work

According to Proofreading Services, to produce the best academic papers, you have to have a structure. An excellent structure helps the writer to organize their thoughts through a clear thesis statement and an informed discussion. Begin by gathering all the necessary information. Next, create a map of how your writing will be. https://essaywritingservice.ca/ notes that you should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The introduction is the first part that your professor will read. So, ensure it captures their attention by stating an exciting or startling fact, statistics, or statement. Next, provide a short background of your topic. Conclude by outlining your point of argument and how you are going to explore it.

In the body paragraphs, expound on your thesis statement by offering evidence to support your discussion. Show that you understand your topic by providing examples and quotes that back your argument. In the conclusion section, summarize all you have discussed and outline the importance of your research.

4# Have a clear understanding of grammar, writing style and vocabulary

Another tip for writing an essay is employing proper grammar, punctuation, and writing style. Having an excellent argument is one thing, but composing it in a manner that the reader will understand what you are communicating is essential.

Ensure you have a basic comprehension of grammar, such as how to use articles, pronouns, and how to form proper sentences. Be mindful of punctuation marks such as commas, full stops, semicolons, and quotations marks. Always use the active voice to make your paper stronger and avoid using transition words without cause.

Vocabulary is also essential to put in mind. Your use of language matters when determining how to write an academic essay. You want your professor to understand what you have written and inclined to support your point of argument. To achieve this, use simple and understandable words that communicate with ease your argument.

5# Revise and proofread your work

While completing your draft may feel like you have completed your assignment, mba essay writing service advise you to first go through your work. Read what you have written and make sure that you have incorporated all the information you wanted to include. Also, ensure that it goes hand in hand with the aim of the paper. Once you are clear on this, look at whether the structure meets that of an essay where each section is present and discussed in detail. Identify and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.


For a majority of students, academic essays bring with them several challenges that make completing them stressful. However, if you are one of those who feel this way, do not worry. Follow the above tips, and you will excel in producing the best academic essays.

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