5 Reasons to Expect Growth in Crypto Casinos

We’ve already begun to see connections between cryptocurrency and online casinos. Moving forward, there are reasons to expect more crypto casino growth.

August 16, 2021, | AtoZ Markets – In the past few years, a connection between cryptocurrency and online casinos has materialized in several different ways. There have been instances of established casino sites beginning to accept cryptocurrency deposits. There have been opportunities to earn free coins through a variety of gambling practices. And most interesting of all, new gaming sites and apps based entirely on cryptocurrency transactions have emerged.

Some take these developments to represent niche interest. It’s not necessarily an inappropriate characterization. However, crypto casino options are also likely to expand. In particular, there are several reasons to believe that the new crypto casinos we’ve begun to see are going to grow.

1. General Crypto Growth

Casino consideration aside, cryptocurrency is gaining steam. A CNBC article this past January referred to the “psychology of crypto” as a driving force. It’s only become clearer since that this psychology has taken hold. Cryptocurrency is not just new or interesting anymore. It is trendy, valuable, and even an aspect of personal identity for some interested parties. This is not to say that crypto is replacing real money, nor that it is always a sound investment. But in many respects, it is on the rise. This alone makes growth in crypto casinos likely.

2. Online Casino Progress

To those who don’t play at online casinos, the industry seems stagnant. The same games (slots, poker, blackjack…) have been available online for 20 years, after all. The truth of the matter, however, is that online casinos progress steadily. They have continually embraced new technologies and trends to remain at the forefront of the gaming industry. And there’s no reason to expect this to change. Moving forward, strategic casino platforms will adopt augmented and virtual reality. They will embrace more social gaming methods. And they will maintain effective digital marketing efforts to attract and retain players. New and emerging crypto casinos will be part of this progress as well, and thus stand to improve and grow.

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3. Bingo & Gameshows

We can’t speak for all of them, but most early crypto casino platforms focus on the “main” games. That is to say, they stick to core online casino tenets like blackjack and slots. Some of them have new crypto-oriented arcades as well. But right now they largely exclude categories that have become massively popular at mainstream casino sites. Namely, these categories include bingo and gameshows. Gala Bingo is a trendsetter regarding the former and demonstrates the appeal of both kinds of games. It shows bingo to be interactive and engaging, with different rooms built around different themes. And it showcases gameshows that resemble playable, vibrant TV events. These are up-and-coming games in the online casino space. As such, they also represent clear growth paths for budding crypto casinos.

4. A Poker Rebound

Crypto casinos that include poker content are also going to benefit from good timing. Reports from the last year have shown that online poker numbers skyrocketed during the pandemic. More people looked for ways to play online, and indications so far are that they’re staying with it. As some of the newer online gaming spaces, crypto poker sites will inevitably capture some of this business. We don’t know how long the poker surge will continue. For now, though, it’s another growth opportunity for crypto casinos.

5. Recognized Perks

There are some general perks to crypto-based casino play as well. Players can remain wholly anonymous. Deposits and withdrawals are made with low transaction fees. And to some players, the security inherent to crypto transactions is reassuring. Over time, these perks will compound the growth of crypto casinos. Existing options will grow, people will come to recognize the benefits, and those people will contribute to more growth.

With these factors under consideration, we expect to see more crypto casino activity ahead. And should any major developments occur in this space, AtoZMarkets will bring you the news.

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