40 Future Forex Leaders under 40 - Nikolett Palinkas

AtoZForex 40 Future Forex Leaders under 40 interviews aim to identify current industry players with a potential to become Future Forex Industry Leaders. Today we meet Nikolett Palinkas nominated for the Future Forex Sales Leader category;

12 September, AtoZForex – When looking into the Forex market, we tend to forget the people behind the scene making these services available for traders all around the world. Particularly the younger generation with desire to innovate and advance through their career journey catch our attention as the future leaders of the Forex industry. Hence, AtoZForex aims to scout and identify these hard-working individuals with the 40 Future Forex Leaders under 40 interviews.

Before diving into the in-depth topic of discussions about the future of the industry, it’s only logical to meet first the future Forex leaders. Hence, this campaign kicks off with a “Professional meets fun” interview, in order to introduce and learn about the 40 nominated Future Forex leaders on the personal level. Without further ado, meet one of AtoZForex’s nominees of the industry’s future leader: Nikolett Palinkas.

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Nikolett began her career path back in 2011, as the account manager at Liquid Markets. After six years of working in the industry, she has passed through steps from simple account manager to team leader to her current role as the Vice President of Sales at Cyprus based FX and CFDs broker FXORO. What is her formula for success?

Polina: What is your biggest motivation in life?

Nikolett Palinkas: "My biggest motivation is that I like to go my own way in life. What I mean by that is I want to initiate things and not to be led to them. I like to do what I want to do and to do it in a unique style. So for me to reach it, I need to work hard and do my best. Also, I like to be my own boss. That is my biggest motivation, I believe."

Polina: What brought you to the Forex market?

Nikolett Palinkas: "Opportunities. I saw the opportunities provided in the industry and, thus, it was kind of natural to give it a try. So in 2011, I made my first step which after 6 years led me to my current position."

Polina: What makes you different from the rest?

Nikolett Palinkas: "To be honest with you, nothing really. I’m just like everyone else. However, I believe that the difference comes from the point of view. The way I do things is if I start something I tend and want to finish it. Also, if you do something you need to do it right. Otherwise, it is better not to start it."

Polina: What was your biggest challenge during the first years?

Nikolett Palinkas: "The biggest challenge is when you need to start everything from the beginning. As you know, this type of business is not taught at school, but life and the industry teach you the most. So it was a challenge for me to learn everything from the very beginning. Also, to develop such a solid infrastructure that will help me to climb to the top."

Polina: What is the biggest achievement you have had so far?

Nikolett Palinkas: "My biggest achievement is my current position as the Vice President of Sales at FXORO. In addition, the winning of the sales contests I had at my previous job."

Polina:  What was the sales contest about?

Nikolett Palinkas:"The sales contest was at the company I worked before. We had a quarterly sales competition, meaning that whoever had the highest production in three months would win a BMW convertible. I managed to win it and I was so happy. I drove the car for about two years and after I sold it. But it was a very nice experience and a good achievement."

Polina: Is there anyone that you can say hey if it was not him/her I would not be here today?

Nikolett Palinkas: "I have two people to mention. The first one is my first employer at the company called Liquid Markets.  He had an interview with me and gave me a chance to be hired without the experience, his name is Thomas Papantoniou. He was there for me right from the beginning: trained me, explained me everything about this business. So I believe without him I would not be here .

The other one is my current employer, my boss, who provides me with this position and who constantly gives me challenges."

Polina: Do you dream? What is your dream?

Nikolett Palinkas: "Well, this is a very general question as your dream can be both personal and career wise. But to give you a short answer, my dream is going where no one was before."

Polina: What about your career goals?

Nikolett Palinkas: "The goals you set depend on the time intervals, meaning would you like to reach something in a month or in five years? But in general, I would like my current company to reach something great and to make this company something more, to make it the beacon of the industry."

Polina: What is your vision of the Forex industry?

Nikolett Palinkas: "As you know, the regulation in Cyprus and also in other sides of the world are getting tighter and stricter which is very good. Since it would be easier to gain the clients respect and the trust. Hence, I would expect a lot of consolidation between the service providers in short and medium-term. Whereas, in the long-term, we might see the complete change of the trading models shifting from OTC Structures to trades executed through clearing houses, e.g. stock exchange."

Polina: Is there anything you can advise to people freshly entering into the brokerage side of the retail FX?

Nikolett Palinkas: "They need to know that it is not only about the money. Success comes from the ability to maintain long-term relationships with clients. It is important to focus more on quality rather than on quantity.

The client is everything. If the client decides to take his money or switch to another broker, he can fire everyone in the company, that’s what I believe. Every broker offers almost the same things, right? So what can make you different is you: what you provide to clients, how you treat them, how you answer, how often you call them. It is all about the service."

Polina: I know you are not allowed to trade, however, having been to the industry for such a long time now, what is the biggest recommendation you can give to traders?

Nikolett Palinkas: "During my working experience in sales, I always faced the same problem when clients start losing. They need to know that there are two things moving the market: the greed and the fear of loss. When they can recognize these feelings and control them it will be easier for them to make more profit and to succeed."

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