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29 September Crude oil Technical Analysis

Swissquote | Sep. 29, 2017
29 September Crude oil Technical Analysis

How is black gold trading today? What will be moving the crude oil in the near future? All answers for these and other questions you can find in this 29 September Crude oil Technical Analysis from Swissquote.

29 September, Swissquote - Crude oil is edging higher above the $50 level. Key support is given at 45.40 (17/08/2017 high). Strong resistance found at 52.43 (26/09/2017) has been broken. Expected to show another leg higher.

29 September Crude oil edges higher

29 September Crude oil

• In the long-term, crude oil has recovered after its sharp decline last year. However, we consider that further weakness are very likely. Strong support lies at 35.24 (05/04/2016) while resistance can now be found at 55.24 (03/01/2017 high).


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