ETHUSD Price Technical Outlook

This latest 28 February ETHUSD Price Technical Outlook reveals that Ethereum has moved up by more than 50% since February, 6 when it reached a multi-month low of $560. What is more?

28 February, OctaFX – In the past two weeks, however, the price has remained within the $800 and $900 channel, meaning that traders are slightly cautious. The currency often runs out of steam whenever it approaches the psychological $1,000 mark.

Part of the reason for the range trade is that there has been no major news in the cryptocurrencies market. Yesterday, it was reported that a hacker who had stolen 20,000 Ethers from the Coindash ICO returned them. This was the second time that hackers had returned back stolen coins.

28 February ETHUSD Price Technical Outlook

Technically, the ETH/USD pair is on an ascending trend, with its price slightly above the 50-day and 100-day moving average. The pair is showing a weak trend as shown by the Average Directional Index (ADX). Nonetheless, the pair should continue moving higher unless there is negative news with the next short-term price target being $910.


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