Gold Price Fundamental Forecast

U.S. retail investors are losing their appetite for physical gold as buoyant stock markets offer tempting alternatives, sending sales of newly minted coins to their lowest in a decade. Meanwhile, how is the precious metal trading? Gain insight into this 26 April Gold Price Fundamental Forecast.

26 April, GKFX – Gold is fumbling along the bottom near 1,320.00 after dipping lower yesterday. US Treasury yields continue to advance, and the 10-year Treasury has broken over the key 3% yield mark, sending the precious metal back into familiar lows that have been plaguing Gold since January.

Dedicated gold buyers are struggling to develop momentum 

The recent spike in US Treasury yields took Gold down from the 1,350.00 region, as buyers have so far been unable to stage a successful capture of the 1,360.00 mark. Adding further momentum to the slide has been the Dollar’s bolstering by Treasury yields, and the spiking Dollar has been punishing the precious metal lately.

26 April Gold Price Fundamental Forecast

Gold is currently trading near 1,323.40 in the Asia session, and the goal for buyers will be to put in a floor at 1,320.00 and attempt to stage a recovery back into the current consolidation range’s highs, but must first break through resistance at the last swing high of 1,332.00 and the 50.0 Fibo level near 1,340.00.

Sellers will be looking for a break from the current lows to send Gold plunging into February’s lows near the key 1,300.00 handle.


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