BTCUSD Price Fundamental Forecast

Welcome to this updated analysis on BTCUSD! Let’s jump right in! Looking at the 23 February BTCUSD Price Fundamental Forecast – At the moment, how is the BTCUSD trading?

23 February, OctaFX – The overall cryptocurrency market continued to recover from the price-lows made at the beginning of February, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple leading the advance higher in the digital currency space. The BTCUSD pair moved to levels not seen since late January, with price-action eventually setting a new monthly trading-high well above the $11,000 level.

Litecoin briefly traded back above the $250 mark on strong technical buying amidst the Litecoin Cash hard fork, whilst Ethereum fell just short of the $1,000 level before turning lower on mild profit-taking.

23 February BTCUSD Price Fundamental Forecast

  • The BTCUSD pair remains bullish while trading above the $10,050 level, further buying towards $11,800 and $13,500 seems likely.
  • Should price-action on the BTCUSD pair move below the $10,050 level, further losses towards $8,800 and $7,200 remain possible.


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