GBPUSD Intraday Technical Forecast

Cable keeps its bullish momentum intact as sentiment remains underpinned by the US political worries induced sell-off in the US dollar across the board. Read on and find out more on the 22 January GBPUSD Intraday Technical Forecast.

22 January, OctaFX – The British pound has started to turn lower against the U.S dollar, as the U.S dollar index start to recover from three-year trading-lows. The GBPUSD pair is currently trading around the 1.3860 level, with intraday sellers largely in control while price-action holds below the key 1.3880 level.

With a lack of high-impacting macro-economic data from the United Kingdom on Monday, sterling traders are likely to focus on negotiations centering around the current United States government shutdown.

22 January GBPUSD Intraday Technical Forecast: Selling While Below 1.3880

  • The GBPUSD pair remains intraday bearish while trading below the 1.3880 level, key downside targets for the pair are 1.3810 and 1.3720.

  • Should price-action on the GBPUSD pair start to trade above the 1.3880 level, attention may shift back toward the 1.3944 and 1.4000 resistance levels.


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