2020 Best Gold Trading Broker Award Goes to World Markets

AtoZ Markets annual awards have concluded earlier this year. We are proud to announce the winner of the 2020 Best Gold Trading Broker Award: World Markets. Check also the names of the runner ups in this category this year.

09 March, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – The Forex industry has achieved huge growth in recent years which is expected to increase in 2021. As this growth brings new challenges for forex brokers, they are always ready to climb to the top. The AtoZ Markets award ceremonies are one of the few truly independent awards ceremonies in the industry. Various AtoZ Markets award ceremonies organized for the winners of the nine prestigious categories. The winners determined by votes made on the AtoZMarkets.com site daily between 20 January 2020, and 20 February, 2020 at midnight 24:00.

2020 Best Gold Trading Broker

In total, a huge number of people participated in the vote. Among the many nominees, World Markets receives 2020 Best Gold Trading broker awards. World Markets has managed to excel and win more votes than other renowned Forex brokers, who nominated in the Best Gold Trading Broker category.

Yagub Rahimov, Director of Strategy for AtoZ, said: “At AtoZMarkets.com, we have committed to creating a community of unique and authentic information available to traders, brokers and everyone else in the industry. The main significance of the AtoZ Markets Awards is that these titles were not granted. Traders around the world had to choose their winners. “

About World Markets

It is a new milestone that the trading community recognizes World Markets as a reliable trading platform. It continuously invests in technology to maintain and provide its customers with fast and secure execution.

Moreover, it manages more than 30 million assets and has more than 50,000 clients worldwide. It has a unique AI trading system which generally provides an average monthly performance of more than 20%. Moreover, this leading brokerage company renowned for its specialization in the trade of bullion gold (gold/silver) and digital gold. It also offers online trading services that include currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The broker put a lot of effort to develop a high-quality trading system with excellent customer service. It is also transparent about the risks of online trading.

The broker also provides certain online products through its partnerships with Bitmex & HYCM. It also offers an AI (artificial intelligence) managed account which provides traders with advanced algorithms and trading of security tokens such as UFX.

Are you curious to know if your Forex broker is also an AtoZ Markets award winner?

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