20/10 Barclays extended trades for majors

20 October, AtoZForex.com, London – The technical strategy team at Barclays Capital shared the latest 20/10 Barclays extended trades for EURUSD, GBPYSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, and USDCAD major currency pairs.


Kicking off with Euro, the break below 1.1335 supports Barclays’ bearish outlook. “Our initial targets are near 1.1260,” the major bank notes. A move below the level would point to greater targets in the 1.1105 – 1.1085 area.


“We are overall bullish and expect dips to find buying interest near 1.5385,” Barclays notes. A move above 1.5510 resistance would point higher towards 1.5540 level and then the 1.5660 range highs.


The strategy team is cautiously bullish against the prior week’s lows at 0.9475, given the decrease in latest volumes. “A move above 0.9580 would signal further upside towards targets near 0.9650 and then the 0.9900 highs,” the team adds.


Aussie has not changed since Monday. “We are bearish against the 0.7440 range highs,” Barclays notes. A break below 0.7195 support would signal downside momentum towards initial targets in the 0.7160 field and after 0.7030 level would follow ahead of the 0.6895 lows.


Moving on to Kiwi, the team stays bearish against a psychological resistance in the 0.7000 zone. “A move below 0.6740 would signal lower towards initial targets near 0.6615 and then 0.6455,” the analysts added.


The overnight sell-off in oil stresses bullish outlook for Loonie. “A move above our initial upside targets near 1.3080 would signal higher in range towards 1.3150 and then the 1.3460 year-to-date highs,” Barclays finished.

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