Ethereum Price Fundamental Outlook

Ethereum is consolidating since past few week after a downtrend from its all-time high. The 2 January Ethereum Price Fundamental Outlook give more insight on this.

2 January, OctaFX Ethereum started the year on a high note. On Monday, the currency gained 149 points to establish a double top position at the all-time price of $876. It then started what seems like a short-correction after its RSI reached a high of 90, indicating an overbought position.

Could this be an indication of better things to come?

On the same day, Bitcoin continued to slide, falling from a high of $13,903 to a low of $13,297, which is an important support area.

2 January Ethereum Price Fundamental Outlook

Ethereum’s rise in the New Year reminds us of bitcoin in 2017, which started the year just below $1,000 and ended at more than $13,000.

In the short-term, traders should wait for the RSI to touch the 57.42 level before initiating long positions as shown below.


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