19 November Free EUR/USD, XAU/USD, GBP/USD and BTC/USD Trading Signals

Our 19 November Free Trading Signals for EUR/USD, XAU/USD, GBP/USD and BTC/USD include technical outlook as the following:

19 November EURUSD trading signal

EUR/USD could not break the psychological support level of 1.1 and started to move up. The pair formed triple bullish divergence on H1 timeframe (yellow lines) and managed to break Moving average 50 (red line) on H1. Moving averages 200 (blue line) was broken last Friday, I am expecting the pair to continue bullish momentum. Scroll down to see the signal details with my SL, TP and entry levels for EURUSD.


19 November XAUUSD trading signal

From the technical point of view, on H1 timeframe XAU/USD price is staying above 200 Moving average (blue line), and 50 Moving average (red line). The triple divergence on H1 timeframe (yellow lines), which was the sign of a significant oversold situation, worked and the pair started a correction. I am looking for Buy orders above dynamic resistance 200 MA (blue line).


19 November GBPUSD trading signal

Pair was struggling to break dynamic resistance 200 MA (blue line) last week, but on Thursday after forming a triangle on H1 timeframe, GBP/USD managed to break 200 MA. Right now the pair stays above both MA 50 (red line) and MA 200 (blue line) indicating bullish trend.

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19 November BTCUSD trading signal

Bitcoin fell to the lowest level in the last 24 days on Monday. BTC/USD price is staying below 200 Moving average (blue line) and 50 Moving average (red line) on H1 timeframe, which is a clear indication of bearish trend.  I am looking for possible sell positions below 8000 level.  Scroll down to see the signal details with my SL, TP and entry levels for BTC/USD.


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