14 July BTCUSD Price Technical Analysis: Will Bitcoin drop below $6,000?

Bitcoin price declined yesterday below the $6,100 level before recovering substantially against the US Dollar. Is the price of Bitcoin likely drop below $ 6,000? What is revealed in the following 14 July BTCUSD Price Technical Analysis?

14 July, GKFX – Bitcoin the largest cryptocurrency is trading flat to mildly green on day but the chips are in place for this crypto poster boy to head lower again below $6,000 round figure mark from where it bounced back later last month.

14 July BTCUSD Price Technical Analysis

BTCUSD up 0.1 percent on day at $6,218 almost near low point of the day, which is at $6,204 and in a less than $100 range for the day.

On the 180-minute chart, the downard bias on the Bitcoin is clearly visible which could take it potentially towards $5,900. Immediate strong support is placed around $6,100 mark while resistance is placed above $6,300 in the form of 21 days simple moving average.

BTCUSD 180-minute chart:

NY state approves different rate structure for crypto miners

Regulators in the state of New York which have come up with a new power rate structure for crypto miners. The state of NY has one of the cheapest power rates in the U.S at $0.039 per kilowatt hour as compared to national average of $0.13 per kilowatt hour.


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