12 July Crude Oil WTI Price Technical Analysis: WTI bulls eyes $70.00

Libya’s Abu Attifel oil field, which had been shut for about two weeks due to a stand-off at eastern export terminals, has resumed operations. But for now, what can traders expect of the black gold in the near-term? Find out in today’s 12 July Crude Oil WTI Price Technical Analysis.

12 July, OctaFX – Crude oil found resistance at 71.19, May 23 low earlier in the day then lost almost $2 to the downside to find intraday support at $69.44 a barrel, the June 25 high. 

12 July Crude Oil WTI Price Technical Analysis

Crude oil bears didn’t manage to make a repeat of Wednesday’s sell-off and while the momentum is down if bulls manage to close above 70.00 the correction can accelerate towards 70.53 May 24 low in the near-term.

Crude oil WTI 15-minute chart

Spot rate:           69.69

Relative change:     -1.23%   

High:              71.23

Low:               69.23

Trend:             Bearish


Resistance 1:       70.00 figure

Resistance 2:       70.53 May 24 low 

Resistance 3:       71.19 May 23 low 

Resistance 4:       72.25 last week’s low 

Resistance 5:       72.83 June 27 swing high 

Resistance 6:       72.53 July 5 low

Resistance 7:       73.00 figure


Support 1:          69.44 June 25 high

Support 2:          69.00 figure 

Support 3:          68.30 demand level 


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