Crude Oil Price Forecast

The demand for Crude oil remains robust and this is keeping crude prices higher. The 12 December Crude Oil Price Forecast discusses a little more on this.

12 December, Swissquote – Crude oil prices pushed higher on Monday still, it continues to trade in a tight range at elevated levels. Inventory data has been mixed over the past few weeks, however, what is obvious is that refiners are working at higher than normal levels in a bid to take advantage of large refining crack spreads.

The demand for the product remains robust, thus keeping crude prices higher. However, there are members of OPEC that desire to overproduce, which when combined with robust U.S. production, could make an impact on prices.

12 December Crude Oil Price Forecast

• Crude oil is back to monitor resistance given at 59.05 (24/12/2017 high). Support is given at a distance of 54.81 (14/11/2017 low). Expected to bounce back lower.

• In the long-term, crude oil has recovered after its sharp decline last year. However, we consider that further weakness are very likely. For the time being the pair lies in an upside momentum. Strong support lies at 35.24 (05/04/2016) while resistance can now be found at 55.24 (03/01/2017 high).


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