10 ways to get Free Bitcoin in 2019

AtoZ MarketsBitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, in the form of electronic cash. It is not supervised by a central bank or single administrator and this can be sent from the peer-to-peer blockchain network without the need for a mediator. It has come far in a very short time across the world. Many major big companies, Jewelry Chains, Hospitals, and Financial accept the Bitcoin as a currency.

Bitcoins aren’t made, like dollars– they’re produced by computers with the finest GPU all around the world, using free software. Bitcoin can be used to pay for anything electronically if both parties are eager. In that sense, it’s like conventional currencies which also can be traded digitally. The trustworthiness, potentiality for the future currency and the smoothness makes the Bitcoin famous to the world. As technology is enlightening day by day, the adoption of the Bitcoin might have become necessary in the coming days.

A pseudonymous software developer, named Satoshi Nakamoto proposed bitcoin as an electronic payment system in 2008, with some mathematical proof. His idea was to produce a system of exchange, without any central authority, which could be transferred electronically in a verifiable, secure and unchallengeable way. Bitcoin has undergone rapid growth and has become a significant currency, both online & offline. From the mid of 2010, some industries began to accept the bitcoin besides traditional currencies.

Ways to earn Free Bitcoin in 2019  

All websites that allow earning free bitcoins pay by Satoshi. Satoshi is the lowest fraction of a bitcoin where one satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC or 100 000 000 satoshi are equal to one bitcoin. This divisibility makes bitcoin suitable for micro-payments or microtransactions, like those used in bitcoin faucets.

There are numerous ways to get free bitcoin. To earn free bitcoins in 2019, there are mostly six ways that are roughly from least to most profitable that a user can use:

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  1. Getting paid directly in bitcoin
  2. Affiliate programs
  3. Games
  4. Faucets
  5. Mining
  6. Scams and gambling

The valuable digital currency has become very famous day by day and the price of the bitcoin has been increased dramatically from the beginning of the creation. In most cases, earning free BTC is quite hard and in some cases, it is full defraud. Anyways, some opportunities to get free Bitcoin in 2019 is still favorable and has an enormous future benefit.

#1 Coinpot

Coinpot allows earning 0.0003 Bitcoin in every 5 Minutes. The earning might differ depending on the strength of the GPU of the Computer and usage percentage set by the user. The mining earning amounts might fluctuate frequently based on mining difficulty and crypto exchange rates.

#2 Moonbit

Moonbit is a free bitcoin faucet with a difference that allows claiming the Bitcoin every 5 minutes, whereas the other faucet requires an hour or day to claim the earning. The faucet will be filled up gradually- quite quickly initially, but it will slow down over time. The user has to login with the Bitcoin or coinbase wallet address to use this.

#3 BonusBitcoin

Bitcoin is another free bitcoin faucet that pays out up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes. In addition, at the end of each day, the user will receive an automatic 5% bonus added to the account.

#4 Bitfun

This website, a user can earn bitcoins by playing games. They provide high paying faucets in every 3 minutes. The user also can earn bitcoins by completing surveys, offers, and other free promotions. In all cases, the user should have a coinbase account to log in.

#5 Faucethub

It is a Micropayment Platform which allows the user to Receive instant bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Faucethub account and can be withdrawn to the user’s wallet with a very low fee.

#6 AdBTC

The website allows getting free bitcoin by viewing web pages, mostly bitcoin sites.

The Internet, advertising is evolving nowadays and now the user has the right to be paid for it. This website allows withdrawing the earning directly to the Bitcoin wallet.

As the volume of bitcoin transactions is over 2.73 Billion USD daily, this is an amazing opportunity to ride the flow.

#7 EarnCrypto

The website allows to Earn Bitcoin by completing small tasks, performing data entry jobs, interacting with ads, and more. The tasks are easier than mining Bitcoin and more profitable than Bitcoin faucets. The user has to sign up using the Bitcoin wallet address to get full access.

The Bitcoin, this website provides the opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of 100+ different cryptocurrency

#8 Satoshihero

Satoshihero is a fun and simple way to earn bitcoins. This website offers a completely FREE bitcoin faucet three times per 10 minutes. All bitcoins earned are accumulated on balance. The user will be able to withdraw once after reaching a 30,000 satoshi balance (0.0003 BTC). Withdrawals are aggregated and processed once per hour.

Users also can earn bitcoin by inviting friends to Satoshi Hero and earn money together with them. In that case, the user will receive 25% of their earnings for as long as they are using this website. Referral commissions are credited instantly.

#9 FreeBitco

FreeBitco is another bitcoin faucet with a which allows claiming the Bitcoin in every 15 minutes. Like other faucets, this website requires to claim the bitcoin as soon as possible. The user has to login with the Bitcoin wallet address to use this.

#10 CointiPly

The website pays out cryptocurrency whenever the user makes a claim, or in some cases a free random roll.

The user reaches to the prime number, and he will earn a bonus that can earn another bonus for logging in and spinning the faucet every day. 25% referring commission is also available which can be earned by the lifetime.

There are many other ways to earn free Bitcoin in 2019. These websites are suitable for those who are new in this market or have plenty of time to work from home. 

Please note, AtoZMarkets.com does not solicit any of the companies or websites mentioned here. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Comment below about your suggestions and experience about the earnings. 

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