10 Steps to take if you are hacked

Recently, the number of businesses suffering from cyber attacks increased. What most firms overlook are the measures one needs to take right after a breach. Are you aware of the 10 steps to take if you are hacked?

12 August, AtoZForex – It is not a coincidence that a number of high-profile businesses and online organizations have suffered from data breaches over recent time. Cyber attacks have been increasing and the most common cyber attacks at the moment is the Denial Of Services (DoS). This particular attack aims to make a website and other online sources unavailable to its legitimate users. As a result, businesses, especially SMEs, experience financial losses and damages to reputation. Hence, it is crucial for every entity to be aware of the steps to take if you are hacked.

Types of Cyber Attacks that you must know

DoS attacks can either target the server infrastructure, make use of vulnerabilities in the communication protocols or application. The attacks are not aimed to violate your security like other cyber attacks. Instead, they seek to render your website unavailable for lawful visitors. DoS attacks harm the entire online user base of a firm, ruining the company’s operations.

There are two types of DoS attacks: distributed denial of service (DDoS) and Denial of Services (DoS). The difference between the two is that the latter one utilizes a single Internet connection, in order to exploit a software vulnerability or overwhelm a target with forged requests. Whereas, DDoS attacks are set off from several connected devices that are disseminated across the Internet.

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Steps to take after the attack took place:

What most firms overlook are the measures one needs to take right after a breach or attack. Considering that both types of cyber attacks can cause financial losses for firms, damage the firm’s reputation or even inflict the loss of clients’ trust. Therefore, it is a must that companies need to be aware of steps to take if you are hacked and take immediate action:

1. Register the time and date when you revealed the breach. Also, record the date and time when you initiated response actions;

2. All members of the response team have to be warned and activated, comprising external resources, in order to start carrying out your readiness;

3. Guarantee the security of the premises where the data breach took place to save the evidence;

4. Prevent further data loss. Put affected systems in offline mode, but do not switch them off until your forensics team comes;

5. Record everything investigated so far about the breach. It should encompass who found it out, who informed about it, what type of breach took place, what and how it was stolen, which systems were harmed and what devices are lacking;

6. Conduct interviews with the ones who are engaged in investigation of the breach;

7. Reflect on the procedures and distribute information about the breach to people engaged at the initial stage;

8. Based on the information you already have about the breach evaluate risks and priorities;

9. Introduce your forensics team to start a thorough investigation;

10. Advise with legal representation and senior management to make clear if you need to inform any regulatory authority and if so inform them.

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