10 February UOB Daily Forex Trade ideas: USD bullish?

Friday 10 February UOB Daily Forex Trade ideas, with the US judges verdict against the travel ban, considered unconditional ? How will markets react in future to similar challenges? What will UoM Consumer Sentiment reveal later today? USD bullish? 

 AtoZForex –  These are UOB forex trade ideas for 10 of February on the five major pairs; AUDUSD, EURUSD,  GBPUSD, NZDUSD and USDJPY remains unchanged from yesterday.

Summary of 10 February UOB Daily Forex Trade ideas

AUDUSD: Further upside move diminishing –  Bullish bias (unchanged)

No change in view from yesterday. After AUD moved above 0.7600 last week, AUD bias shifted to bullish. However, AUD failed to punch through the 0.7700 ceiling and an extended consolidation, meant a loss in upward momentum. The outlook from yesterday remains unchanged. The bullish period which commenced  last Friday may come to an end, unless the 0.7700 level can be breached in the next couple of days.   UOB added,

“… Alternatively, a break below 0.7595 would also indicate that a short-term top is in place.

EURUSD: Downside pressure to 1.0615 then maybe 1.0575 – Neutral bias (unchanged)

EUR yesterday bounced off the support level of 1.0638 rapidly. With the outlook remaining unchanged at neutral position, near term indication is a pullback from last week’s high at the 1.0825-30 level and current retracement from this high would mean a possible further move to the downside towards the 1.0615 level. A further extension to the 1.0575 is possible, at this stage unlikely. UOB added…

“…Resistance is at 1.0735 but only a move back above 1.0760 would indicate that the immediate downward pressure has eased.

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GBPUSD: Range bound 1.2350-1.2670 – Neutral bias (unchanged)

 Very little to add as GBP traded in a narrow range of 1.2475-1.2550 yesterday. GBP rebounded from a low of 1.2347 after it broke through the 1.2400 level. The choppy trading indicates an unclear outlook at this moment. There is no clear indication of a sustained directional move. UOB added….

In other words, we continue to hold a neutral view and expect choppy consolidation within a 1.2350/1.2670 range.

NZDUSD: Range bound 0.7220-0.7370 – Shift from Bullish to Neutral bias (unchanged)

After indicating the end of the NZD bullish phase yesterday. The bullish outlook has changed to neutral since the 0.7280 level was broken as price reached a low of 0.7277.  This pair is range bound between 0.7220-0.7370 for now.  The rapid downside move this morning has improved the downward momentum.  A break below 0.7220 indicates a commencement of a deeper move towards the 0.7155-60 level. UOB added…

“…unless NZD can move and stay above 0.7330 within these couple of days. On a shorterterm note, 0.7280 is already a strong resistance.   

USDJPY: Downside pressure to 111.30– Neutral bias (unchanged)

Provided the key resistance mentioned yesterday at 112.90 remains intact, near term bias remains on the downside towards 111.30 level. Overnight we saw price touch a low 111.61 level. UOB added,

….. only a move back above 112.90 would indicate that a temporary low is in place.

This concludes the 10 February UOB Daily Forex Trade ideas, remains unchanged from yesterday.

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