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Crude oil price continues the bearish trend and may reach $50 per barrel in the upcoming days. The price recently closed below $51.50 area..
Oil Bearish Pressure slow down near $51.50 support area leading to certain upward pressure recently. The price having confluence may push lower towards $50
The price of crude oil declined slightly after President Donald Trump asked OPEC members to boost production.
Yesterday, crude price surged after the United States refused to extend the existing waivers on Iran purchases. Will XTIUSD continue upward move?
Crude oil price rises sharply to a high of $65 as investors expect the US to end Iran import waivers. This was the highest level since November last year.
Crude oil price slipped after the EIA released its weekly inventories report. The numbers showed that there was a drawdown of more than 1.396 million barrels per week.
Crude oil price remained near YTD high as traders continued to focus on the supply cuts from OPEC. Will XTIUSD continue the upward trend?
Crude oil price remained near a five-month high after US and Iran continued their conflict.