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Ripple recovers to 44 cents on Monday after making a swift recovery from 36 cents. Will XRP drop or break above the 48 cents high? | AtoZ Markets
Ripple has quickly dropped to 40 cents on Thursday losing 15% in just about 8 hours. Will the bullish trend continue?
Ripple recovers toward 45 cents after a 25% dip. A break above 48 cents could lead to further rallies to 80 cents - $1
Ripple dips to 39 cents after making a strong move to 48 cents. It seems this Crypto is preparing for big moves in the coming months
Ripple rallies to 44 cents after breaking above the 19-weeks triangle pattern and looks likely to hit 55 cents target as an impulse wave develops | AtoZ Markets
Ripple gains over 7 cents to hit above 38 cents for the first time in 4-5 months. Will the bullish run continue to 80 cents? | AtoZ Markets
Ripple price seems to be outperforming its rivals with the XRPUSD pair gaining 3.25% at 0.3212 as of writing. 
Ripple price still look corrective in a 19 weeks triangle pattern. However, a rally to 35 cents is expected before the next bearish leg | AtoZ Markets
Ripple price remains bearish at 30 cents
Apr 29, 2019
Sanmi Adeagbo
Ripple price continues to dig deeper. However, there are two scenarios that could determine how deeper the dip could go. | AtoZ Markets