Latest XAU News

Gold Continued Bullish Run above $1560 may reach $1600 again. Despite the recent Bearish impulsive pressure, Bulls regained momentum and heading higher.
Gold Bulls Correction above $1560 may Settle down for further upward move with target towards $1600. The price may fluctuate but may sustain the pressure.
Gold Stable Bullish Momentum may lead price towards $1600 area as it remains above $1550. Certain correction may occur but Bullish trend may strengthen.
Gold Continuing Bullish Pressure Breaking $1560 Resistance area with a daily close. The price found confluence from the dynamic level as well.
Gold inside Support Zone may Continue Bullish Trend with target towards $1600. Despite the recent impulsive Bearish move, certain upward pressure may occur.
Gold Strong Bearish pressure broke below $1560 Support area with a daily close recently. The price is currently heading towards $1535 area again.
Gold Bearish Pressure mounting near $1570 Support while breaking below the mid-term Trend line. Gold may continue the downward pressure along the way.
Gold Bulls Slowing down reaching $1600 price area may result Bearish. Despite the strong Bullish trend in place, certain correction can be observed.
Gold Struggles pushing higher breaking $1585 resistance area with daily close. The price recently rejected off the $1985 area with strong Bearish momentum.
Gold Recovered from Bearish Pressure may push Higher again towards $1600 target area. The price did push lower $1563.50 area but managed to bounce higher