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Silver bulls have been quite impulsive, which achieved more than 400 pips recently. Silver bulls reached at $15.80 area, will sustain further?
Why silver prices have been falling?
May 03, 2018
In 2014 Silver prices fell by almost 20% towards 15.54 levels by December the 31st, making 2014 second consecutive bear year for Silver. But why?
XAGUSD live trade setup
May 03, 2018
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The markets have been quite stodgy, as there is pretty much sideways movement across major pairs. Considering for today, XAGUSD live trade setup it provides
XAUUSD Technical Analysis
May 03, 2018
How do precious metals - Gold and Silver, trade these days?  Let's find out with this 12 October XAUUSD Technical Analysis from HotForex.