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WTI Crude Elliott wave analysis - long term view
Oct 08, 2020
Amandeep Sonewane
WTI crude is on the bounce as the market recovers from fears of Covid. This WTI crude oil Elliott wave analysis shares some insights
Oil bullish trend is still intact but the volatility increased extremely. Oil strikes above $40 psychological area. Can recover further?
Oil has become volatile and corrective but still remaining above $40 area. Oil price dropped today as investors hope OPEC will extend supply cut.
Oil sustained the bullish momentum above $40 area with a weekly close. Oil climbed above $45.50 area as bulls are optimistic to climb further.
Oil broke above $40 psychological level and reached around $40.50 area. Can Oil ever reach $45 resistance area in this pandemic?
Oil failed to break above $40 area and aggressively pushed the price down. Oil dropped below $38 area as new Coronavirus hit the global economy again.
Oil has become quite impulsive and non-volatile and broke above January's high. Oil strikes above $40 area as demands are rising.
Corona Virus Second Wave Might Drop Oil Price
May 11, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Oil has become quite volatile and corrective but maintains the price above $25 area. Oil price fall with the concern of a second Coronavirus pandemic wave
Oil price has been quite volatile today during the Asian session. Oil remains below $27.50 area as investors are worried about the oversupply.
Oil price dropped after rejecting a $27.50 event area today during the Asian session. Oil is facing bearish pressure below $27.50, can WTI reach $36?