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The Trump administration on Tuesday embraced Israel's claims that Iran entered a nuclear deal with the world's major powers under false pretenses. How has the black gold reacted to this news? Gain insight into today's 2 May WTI Crude Oil Price Fundamental Outlook.
Prices of the WTI remain unable to resume the previous upside. At the moment, how is this precious commodity trading? Find out on the 31 January WTI Price Fundamental Outlook.
WTI price is underpinned by hopes of tighter markets. But will it manage to keep the $65 mark? Let's examine the 1 February WTI Price Fundamental Analysis.
It's a negative start to the week as WTI is back above $65 mark, but for how long? Is $63.50 back on sight? Let's take a look at the 5 February WTI Price Fundamental Forecast.
WTI is back under 60/barrel as crude oil retreats after bullish swing loses steam. The 13 February Crude Oil Price Technical Forecast has also revealed what Trump's government has planned to do in funding the US government.
WTI & Brent oil prices are climbing in risk-on markets as EIA supply contraction beginning to have an effect. Get insight on this from the 23 February Crude Oil Price Technical Forecast.
The barrel of WTI clings to moderate gains above the key $60 threshold. But the question is why did WTI prices surge above $60? Let's discuss this.
WTI Price Technical Forecast
May 03, 2018
WTI meets fresh supply as it tests $ 62.50 ahead of US drilling data.Are the losses capped by a fresh USD selling? Details on this are provided on the 23 February WTI Price Technical Forecast.
The 4 January WTI Price is Above $62 as the sentiment was lifted by rising geopolitical tensions in the OPEC’s key producer Iran. What is Next?
Bahrain announced on Wednesday the size of the oil reserves in the giant discovery that it had made, and figures dwarf the proved reserves that the island kingdom in the Persian Gulf had prior to the latest oil find. What is the current estimate? Take a look at this 5 April WTI Crude Price Fundamental Analysis.