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Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan said Tuesday that central banks do not need to issue digital currency. It's useless for them to do it, Greenspan said.
Global economy shows rising growth rates against previous estimates and expectations of a further slowdown based on disappointing data from the last quarter of 2018.
Speaking on the world's economic worries, the Bank for international settlements (BIS) reported that since 2010, the amount of U.S dollar-dominated debt ...
Draghi upbeat on Eurozone recovery
Draghi upbeat on Eurozone recovery
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
It comes as a surprise that Eurozone recovery is weaker than forecasted, especially with several indicators that displayed great expectations on the next...
The danger alarms of a new recession haven’t gone off yet, but data shows that if traction is not picked up soon, something might go wrong as the growth pace
The International monetary fund (IMF) and People's Bank of China are against the US rate hikes at the moment, vying for a delay till the strength in the ...
CITI: Oil rebounds temporary
CITI: Oil rebounds temporary
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
Citibank analyst: Oil rebounds temporary, as the commodity is still in for a downward spiral. Resuming its fall on Tuesday. A major factor that influence is