Latest USDJPY Today News

USDJPY nose dive below 105.25 to 105.17 support area after rejecting November 2020's high. USDJPY bears regained momentum.
USDJPY has become volatile, but still maintaining the bearish bias below 103.90 to 103.80 event level. USDJPY faced resistance around 103.90. 
USDJPY has become volatile and indecisive after bouncing from 103.70 to 103.50 support level. USDJPY remains over 103.70 area.
USDJPY has become impulsive after bouncing from bullish trendline support. USDJPY climbs over 104.00 psychological area.
USDJPY climb upward today morning during the Asian session. USDJPY strikes above 104.00 psychological event level.