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Oil price has been quite volatile today during the Asian session. Oil remains below $27.50 area as investors are worried about the oversupply.
Oil price rose today during the Asian session by holding previous sessions gains. Oil surged above $16 as U.S. found place to store there Oil
Oil price jumped higher and closed above $13 area yesterday during the New York session. Oil found support at $10 area, can WTI recover further?
Oil price nosedived today during the Asian session as storage capacity filled up. Oil price dropped to $11 per barrel as a concern of storage shortage
Oil price fell on Monday during the Asian session with the concern of worldwide storage shortage. Oil price fall below $16, can WTI recover higher?
Oil price rose today during the Asian session with hopes of a further production cut. Oil managed to climb above $16, can WTI recover again?
Oil price negative for the first time since futures trading started in 1982. Oil price historical drop at minus $37.63 level, what next?
Oil nose dive shocked the investors as it hit the record low during the Asian session today. Oil hits record low at $16.50, will continue lower?
Oil has been quite indecisive and may require further cut to stabilize the market. Oil to decline further as OPEC hinted further output cut?
Oil managed to regain momentum during the Asian session despite oversupply. Oil breaks below critical support at $20 per barrel, can bulls regain momentum?