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Trade optimism allowed the EURUSD to regain its balance in the fourth quarter. Here is the EURUSD Fundamental Analysis of 31 December, 2019. 
GBPUSD remains slightly positive below its usual level. The Irish bridge gets acceptance.Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 27 December, 2019. 
UK housing data, UK policy could entertain the markets ahead of the US employment data. Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 06 December, 2019.
Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 29 November, 2019. The quote recovered on Thursday after YouGov's MRP flag signaled a Tory advance.
Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis. the Conservative leader's public favor after the ITV debate. FOMC, trade/political headlines in the limelight.
Thousands of investors lost money with OneCoin Scam. Meanwhile, OneCoin co-founder Ruja Ignatova has disappeared with $ 400 million fraud allegation.
The fundamental analysis of today's GBPUSD shows that GBPUSD's resumption attempts continue to face strong resistance near 1.2825.
The Australian Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, says that terrorists use cryptocurrency to fund their deadly missions.
The Facebooks's Libra Association is open to the launch of several fiat pegged stablecoins, instead of the initially proposed token.
Booking Holdings has become the latest in a series of companies that have abandoned the project, leaving the Libra Facebook Association with 21 founding members of the initial 28 organizations.