Latest US Stocks News

Dow Jones Industrial Average broke over $33,200 to $33,300 price area with a weekly bullish candle close. Dow Jones hit an all-time high.
Amazon bulls have regained momentum and broke over $3,150 to $3,200 resistance level. Amazon strikes above $3,200 psychological event level.
Dow Jones Industrial Average has become volatile, but still holding the bullish bias over $33,000 price area. Dow Jones sustains above.
Amazon has become volatile and currently residing inside the ranges of $3,000 to $3,280 price area. Amazon faced support.
Facebook Inc. bulls regained momentum after bouncing from $275 to $278 price area. Facebook Inc. sustains above $290 price area.
Dow Jones Industrial Average bulls strike higher after bouncing from $32,000 to $32,200 support level. Dow Jones is holding.
Amazon has faced resistance around $3,170 to $3,180 price area, after an impulsive bullish momentum. Amazon dropped below.
Facebook Inc. has become non-volatile and broke above $285 to $290 event level. Facebook Inc. strikes over $290 psychological key area.
Dow Jones bears have regained momentum after hitting an all-time high of $33,000 to $33,250 price area. Dow Jones faced resistance
Amazon has become corrective and volatile after bouncing from $2,900 to $2,950 support level. Amazon is facing resistance.