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In this week's forex market outlook, traders will focus on the release of key macroeconomic data from the United States economy.
Dow Jones analysis - Index soars 0.67%
Jul 04, 2019
Dow Jones index notches a fresh all-time high as it rose 0.67% to end at 26966. Will the index may turn lower in response to the higher moves?
After a few days of major losses, US stocks gain after Jerome Powell, who said that the Fed was ready to cut rates if the trade war hit the economy.
Yesterday, US stocks and Treasuries declined sharply as investors continued to worry about the implications of the trade war.
The Dow Jones Index is indicating a bullish opening bell that will take its cue from yesterday's positive session. However, is a slight slip possible?
Danske Bank Research: 18 December Market Movers
May 03, 2018
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The Danske Bank Research: 18 December Market Movers reports that the final details of the US tax overhaul were revealed on Friday. Find out more.