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USD sell-off is now lifting EURUSD to fresh monthly highs beyond the critical barrier at 1.10 level. Here is the EURUSD fundamental outlook for 10 October
EURUSD pair is trading above 1.0950 after falling due to growing trade tensions between the US and China. Check today's EURUSD fundamental outlook for more incites.
US Department of Justice have recently signaled that a New Jersey resident for allegedly operating an unlicensed bitcoin exchange.
In this GBPUSD price analysis, the Sterling bulls were unable to break above 1.2760 after the 7th attempt since May. What is next?
Tesla plans to raise $2.3 billion through bond and stock offering. How did this impact the stocks? Find out in today's global stock market analysis.
Weak Euro – Is it enough yet?
May 03, 2018
Euro’s free fall has brought it to its 12-year lows against the US dollar. However we believe weak Euro will possibly be reversed after today’s ECB meeting.
Seemingly US banks are set for another shock, as the results announced showed all 31 banks passed the first portion of the test — displaying that they are adequately capitalised in terms of reserves.
The Fed plans to unwind $4.5 trillion of bonds on its balance sheet. Will the balance sheet shrinkage lead to higher US rates sooner than expected?
Following March interest rate hike, Fed officials pointed two more hikes this year. Looking at the current market, what is Fed 2017 rate hike probability?