Latest US Elections News

There’s a definite storm brewing in global markets, & these final few weeks leading up to the U.S. election will reveal the kind of storm.
The vast majority of investors — 93% — believe the upcoming U.S. presidential election will impact the stock market in the coming months.
The US Election has turned into a saga not unlike a presidential ‘Game of Thrones’. To give everyone the best support to trade the volatility caused by the Presidential and Senate elections, Squared Financial, has launched an innovative deposit bonus campaign.  
The legislature of the US State Virginia presented a bill to study blockchain usage for elections and voting. Can blockchain truly improve voting? 
Longest oil prices losing streak since June: what are the factors causing such trend in the oil markets and how long is it going to last?
Orbex Post-US election outlook: CPI data eyed
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
Markets are still in the US presidential elections results shock. AtoZForex Kristina Frunze looks for answers in Orbex Post-US election outlook interview
US Election Day forecast sees Hillary Clinton as the potential winner of the US Presidential race. Democratic Nominee now enjoys a lead of 4 percent.
Markets anticipate the consequences of the presidential elections, due to its importance in political stability. Will US elections impact US credit rating?
Who is the next Democrat Leader?
May 03, 2018
The Doc
After a humiliating defeat in the 2016 elections, what next for the Democrats? Who is the potential next Democrat leader to take on the Republicans in 2020?
Today we have only 5 days till US elections, with gold being traded steadily above $1,300. How will the precious metal behave in the near future?