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USDCNH Bullish rally may continue higher above 7.0580 area. After bouncing higher from 6.9020, Bulls pushed the price higher impulsively.
Gold Bulls regained momentum and currently pushing the price above $1550 area. After the price bounced from $1480, XAU became impulsive and non-volatile
S&P 500 Bulls sustained above $2350 and may recover higher. The price dropped quite impulsively in just three weeks and now residing near Dec 2018's low.
EURUSD Bearish gap covered on Tuesday but the Market is still indecisive. The price rejected 1.1500 area recently with a strong Bearish engulfing bar.
EURUSD has entered in 2020 on a positive note. EURUSD rose 2.8% in the fourth quarter of 2019. Here is the EURUSD Fundamental Analysis of 02 January, 2020. 
The FED is now seriously considering cutting interest rates after the previous FOMC June meeting on March 21st.
Global economy shows rising growth rates against previous estimates and expectations of a further slowdown based on disappointing data from the last quarter of 2018.
Is a Trade Deficit Good or Bad?
Is a Trade Deficit Good or Bad?
Nov 08, 2018