Latest US Crude Oil News

Oil price climb today morning as WTI June contract on Tuesday closed without any conflict. Oil broke above $30 area but the demand anxiety still continues.
Oil price dropped after rejecting a $27.50 event area today during the Asian session. Oil is facing bearish pressure below $27.50, can WTI reach $36?
Oil price jumped higher and closed above $13 area yesterday during the New York session. Oil found support at $10 area, can WTI recover further?
Oil price nosedived today during the Asian session as storage capacity filled up. Oil price dropped to $11 per barrel as a concern of storage shortage
Oil price fell on Monday during the Asian session with the concern of worldwide storage shortage. Oil price fall below $16, can WTI recover higher?
GBPUSD Price to Break Below 1.2250 Area Again?
Apr 22, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
GBPUSD bearish pressure has been quite impulsive and reached at 1.2250 area. Can GBPUSD price break below $1.2250 area again?
Gold took deeper retracement towards $1670 area and bounced higher as expected earlier. Gold continues the climb towards $1800 after certain retracement. 
Oil managed to regain momentum during the Asian session despite oversupply. Oil breaks below critical support at $20 per barrel, can bulls regain momentum?
Oil price bounced higher from $23.30 area but remains below $25 event level. Oil Price Residing Below $25 - Can Bulls Break Above?
Oil recently managed to bounce from the $20 support area with a daily close. Oil Bulls regained momentum, can WTI continue higher in the days ahead?