Latest US-China Trade War News

The US voiced willingness on Wednesday to negotiate a resolution to an escalating trade fight with China after Beijing retaliated against proposed US tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods. Despite this, how has the precious metal traded? Peeer into this 5 April Gold Price Fundamental Outlook for answer.
USDCAD Technical Analysis
May 03, 2018
Today, the Canadian government will report on international trade at the same time as the US reports. In the meantime, how has easing trade war fear impacted the US Dollar? Learn this and more from the 5 April USDCAD Technical Analysis.
US NFP Job Data Forecast
May 03, 2018
ADS Securities
US and China seem willing to negotiate a way out of their trade spat and this has helped equities move to the upside. However, what are we to expect from the Non-Farm Payrolls figures due tomorrow? Analysts at ADS Securities shared this 5 April US NFP Job Data Forecast.