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The US SEC has announced that some of its staff will hold a forum on DLT and digital assets regulating cryptos and exchanges on 31 May.
The CFTC new cyber security rules have been approved to fight off the rising cyber crime in 2016. What are the new prerequisites for the financial firms?
2016 CFTC report reveals $1.2bln fines
May 03, 2018
Sara Nasser
The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has issued 2016 fiscal year enforcement results. What does 2016 CFTC report include?
In November, SEC Chair announced her plans to step down. Now, CFTC Chairman resigns ahead of Trump's presidency. How has Timothy Massad achieved?
As Donald Trump is taking office, US CFTC and SEC staff informs about their resignation. What is Trump administration impact on regulators?