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Netherlands is planning to punish crypto scammers and other forms of fraud involving new payment methods such as banking applications and Tikkie.
Netherlands Police arrests owner of Blockchain online gaming company after deceiving suppliers, investors, and employees.
Netherlands AML laws which will also enter into force next year may block out Cryptocurrency firms without offices in the country.
Dutch Central Bank will regulate crypto exchanges and certain cash payments come 2020 due to money laundering concerns.
Dutch Ministers called the Parliament for regulating cryptocurrency and to put restrictions on certain financial operations to prevent money laundering operations. 
UK Financial Conduct Authority and Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets have announced about their closer partnership in case of the hard Brexit.
Are the Dutch Ready for Bitcoin?
Dec 19, 2018
Dutch Finance Minister calls for tighter crypto regulations. Specifically, some of the finance minister’s proposals suggest the need for the registration of some of the local exchange platforms and cryptocurrency services providers.
In pursuance of the broker's strategy for 2015, IG stockbroking platform has been made available for the Dutch market. In order the make the kick off even more exciting, a promotion is offered by the broker.
Brexit domino effect has spread to other EU countries. Denmark, France, Holland and Italy are about to call for their own EU referendums.