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FXGate, a global leader in Forex and CFD investing has recently announced it is now accepting deposits via Tether (USDT).
Plaintiffs of the Tether and Bitfinex lawsuit have resubmitted the ongoing class action in a new court. How will this new development impact the lawsuit? 
NYAG has updated its case of Bitfinex and Tether Investigation. NYAG criticized Bitfinex and Tether's efforts to end the investigation.
The plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit accusing Tether affiliated exchange Bitfinex of Bitcoin price manipulation have declined to amend their complaint.
A single market whale on Bitfinex has likely manipulated bitcoin's surge in 2017. Tether rejected paper naming USDT manipulation. 
EU Plans to Launch a public digital cryptocurrency. After Facebook's plan to introduce a private one has met a hostile reaction from global regulators.
The difference between the USD & USDT is the concept of the decentralized market. The USD is a leading currencies in the world & USDT is a Stable Coin.
The Huobi exchange will soon allow residents of Turkey to buy cryptocurrencies with their local fiat currency, the Turkish lira.
Is USDT bigger than Bitcoin?
Is USDT bigger than Bitcoin?
Oct 02, 2019
Amandeep Sonewane
For the latest data shown by CoinMarketCap, Tether (USDT) and not Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. But it is hard to find precise data on the trading volume. 
Tether announces to burn 400 million tokens
Tether announces to burn 400 million tokens
Sep 17, 2019
Amandeep Sonewane
Tether plans to shortly move 400 million Tether USDT as part of its Omni authorized but not issue pool to the issuance address in order to burn them.