Latest Tax News

Kentucky lawmakers have submitted a bill that proposes to offer tax breaks to Bitcoin miners seeking to tap into the energy rich region.
By classifying bitcoin as an “intangible asset” class, India’s intelligence agency has proposed an 18% tax on all Bitcoin transactions.
Israelis who own cryptocurrencies have received notification from the Israel Tax Authority, requiring them to fully disclose their asset.
IRS is again sending warning letters to US crypto holders & stating that they must pay taxes & disclose the profits made from the investment.
Read on this virtual currencies tax guide to find out some of the things you must know concerning crypto taxation in 2020.
The taxes you’ll need to pay from your crypto gambling winnings are the same as those you’d need to pay from regular gambling winnings.
The IRS’ guidelines on crypto tax reporting remain unclear, and may not be binding, per the analysis of the Government Accountability Office (GAO).
Danish tax authority has been sending letters to crypto users it suspects of tax avoidance, demanding information about their trading activities.