Latest Swiss Stock Exchange News

FiCAS AG has listed a new ETP on Bitcoin on the Swiss SIX exchange SIX dubbed Bitcoin Capital Active ETP (BTCA) and is issued by Bitcoin Capital AG.
Crude oil price edges higher on OPEC+ allies production cut accord and prospects for improved demand following the US-China trade truce.
Uber shares plunges 7% on IPO debut day
May 13, 2019
In its IPO day on Wall Street last Friday, Uber shares plunges more than 7%, closing below $42 per share with a market cap of $69.7 billion.
Tesla plans to raise $2.3 billion through bond and stock offering. How did this impact the stocks? Find out in today's global stock market analysis.
Swiss Stock Exchange Chair advises digital Swiss Franc launch, highlighting that he sees upsides in this idea. However, not all of the Swiss banks have the same outlook in regards to the cryptocurrency.