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BRICS, consisting of five-member nations has revealed plans of setting up a crypto for themselves. But what are the major reasons behind this decision?
Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple (XRP), has predicted that 99 percent of cryptocurrencies would be worthless in the nearing future. 
Different media resources citing an anonymous source, have reported, that Japan’s government plans to lead a global cryptocurrency payment system project.
According to the recent SWIFT Forex market report, the Forex industry needs to reach high levels of automation in order to operate more efficiently.
During a recent panel meeting at the European Congress, financial services experts from Innopay, Swift, and Ripple discussed the outlook for the evolution in the European financial services markets.
SWIFT, IBM, Ripple, and 100 other firms and organizations have recently joined a newly created EU Blockchain Association.
Security researchers at British defense contractor BAE Systems showed a report. According to the report from BAE, it shows that the Bangladesh Bank hackers
The purpose of the Bangladesh Bank SWIFT meeting is to retrieve the $81 million that stolen by hackers. According to the officials of the Bangladesh Bank
SWIFT warning: A second Bank attack
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
SWIFT warning of a second bank attack similar malware attack. This time, the target was a commercial bank. The second attack was confirmed by a spokeswoman