Latest Supreme Court News

China's smart courts are applying a variety of innovative technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, to decide millions of legal cases.
The New York State Supreme Court has ruled that the NYAG can continue Bitfinex Tether investigation over allegations of fraud and misleading investors. 
The Israeli Supreme Court has announced that Leumi Bank cannot block the Israel-based cryptocurrency exchange Bits of Gold account for regulatory reasons.
New York City Supreme Court, restricted Tether Ltd, from using its reserves to cover its partner’ Bitfinex $850 million losses.
Indian FinTech regulatory framework has released the terms for its RS which are related to blockchain but crypto related projects seem to be excluded.
Depending on the result of the 29th March hearing, the future of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange market of India will be decided. Will Indian bitcoin ban be lifted by the supreme court?
Russian Supreme Court requests crypto website ban review after the Vyborgsky District Court of St. Petersburg has blocked back in 2016, stating that cryptocurrencies are "a means of virtual payment and accumulation." 
UK Supreme Court Brexit battle commenced
May 03, 2018
Polina Zelikova
The UK Supreme Court Brexit battle has begun. The government states they have authority to trigger Brexit without Parliament's vote. What are the arguments?
EU Membership Court Ruling is due in half an hour. What are the odds the UK government will win? How will the decision affect global markets?