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Tim Draper expects Bitcoin Price to hit $250,000, while analysts project alt-season to start in 2020. Here is our top 10 cryptocurrency 2019 list.
Cryptocurrencies are growing over time and we now have way more than 1000 cryptos. Which would you invest in: Ripple XRP or Stellar XLM?
With the increasing competition from blockchain projects such as EOS and Stellar, it seems that Ethereum market share drops, also losing its popularity to its competitors.
Why did Stellar price jump 11% in 3 days?
Mar 11, 2019
Sanmi Adeagbo
Altcoin Stellar has 11% in 3 days after a German firm bought some Satoshipay stake. What could happen to this cryptocurrency in the long run?
Stellar has the potential to become one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of 2018. If you are wondering - "What is Stellar?", then you are in the right place!
Is it time to buy XLMBTC? The following 22 March Stellar Lumens price prediction suggests price might have hit a bottom. This analysis is based on Elliott wave theory.
The market for Stellar Lumens is growing as seen in the last few days after the IBM head of blockchain development revealed that Stellar Lumens is now live on the IBM blockchain. What are the other Reasons for XLM’s latest upsurges and what is the outlook for 2018?