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The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is seeking to oversee Facebook Libra Stablecoin Regulations in Australia.
Russian Central Bank has started testing of stablecoin pegged to real estate under its regulatory sandbox according to its Chairman Elvira Nabiullina.
According to Lael Brainard, 50% of bitcoin transactions associated with illegal activity. One in four people who use bitcoin (BTC) is a criminal.
Thailand Police arrested 24 Chinese nationals who ran a fraudulent Bitcoin scam call center in the Rama III neighborhood of Bangkok.
LifeLabs has announced that it is developing a digital Cryptocurrency called BVI ~ LIFE in partnership with the British Virgin Islands (BVI).
US lawmakers are looking to classify stablecoins as securities in the country. The proposed Libra crypto project could encounter another regulatory hurdle.
A new bill presented by a bipartisan group of US lawmakers could define Facebook's Libra coin as a kind of "security" of the developing cryptocurrency.
What is Facebook Libra Coin? The Introduction of this cryptocurrency will open the path for future adoption of other digital currency.
The difference between the USD & USDT is the concept of the decentralized market. The USD is a leading currencies in the world & USDT is a Stable Coin.
The Facebooks's Libra Association is open to the launch of several fiat pegged stablecoins, instead of the initially proposed token.