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Oil price bounced higher from $23.30 area but remains below $25 event level. Oil Price Residing Below $25 - Can Bulls Break Above?
Oil Sustained Consistent Bullish Pressure Above $23 Price Area. XTI may continue its Bullish momentum further in the coming days.
Oil Bulls Reacted to Bullish Divergence near $20 and the price may climb higher. Oil has successfully able to hold the price above $20 key level.
Oil price broke below $27.50 key support area, but the Bulls are still on the market. Oil reached at $26.10 area with a very corrective and volatile manner.
Oil Pushed Higher Breaking $51.50 Resistance for a Reversal or Retracement. Despite having strong Bearish trend, the price countered impulsively.
Oil Bulls Struggling to push Higher from $50 Support as Coronavirus spreads further. As the number of infected rises, Oil prices dips lower.
Crude oil price is seen making another attempt to regain the 53 handle in the European session this Friday, having found some support near 52.40 region.
The 1979 oil crisis & the Iranian revolution
Jun 27, 2019
The 1979 oil crisis & the Iranian revolution were events that shook and changed the course of geopolitics, global power balance and the oil markets.
The first oil embargo that shook the world
Jun 24, 2019
The 1973 Arab Oil Crisis made the history books as an event that forced the globe to change the way it did business and severely affected the world’s strongest economies.