Latest Satoshi Nakamoto News

Craig Wright’s Satoshi case will finally go to trial, both sides of the lawyers confirmed it. The trial is scheduled for 6 July before judge Bloom.
Controversial altcoin Bitcoin SV price has crashed 17% overnight and this has led many to be curious for the reasons for the precipitous drop.
Unexpected turn of events for the Kleiman & Craig Wright Bitcoin case. Wright won't need to forfeit 50% of its Bitcoins, but he's not yet off the hook.
The self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) creator Craig Wright has shown a document what he claims that explains the origins of the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym.
The Bitcoin team releases a new Bitcoin Core version of the full-node client software just five months before the third halving of Bitcoin.
On Thursday Kenneth Bosak confronted Jorg Molt, a German self-claimed Bitcoin Co-founder. There is no Andreas Antonopoulos Jorg Molt Affiliation
Craig Wright lost in court and has been ordered by the judge to pay billions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency to the Kleiman estate.
New self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto lost access to 980000 Bitcoins when he lost his private keys during a laptop repairing incident.