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Gold has been quite impulsive and volatile with the recent bullish momentum which is currently residing near $2000. Can Gold Break Above $2000
Bitcoin has become volatile and currently residing insides the ranges of $10,000 to $9000 area. Bitcoin Bulls Holding the momentum.
Bitcoin failed to break above $10,000 area and pushed down quite aggressively. Bitcoin broke below $9500 psychological area with a daily impulsive candle.
Bitcoin has become extremely volatile while residing inside the ranges of $10,000 to $9000 area. Bitcoin all set to break above $10,000 psychological area.
Gold became volatile $1700 as the price had a bullish daily close above the $1695 support levels. Therefore the bullish price action becomes questionable.
Bitcoin is stable above $5000 area, and the Bulls may sustain higher. BTC is now quite corrective and volatile while residing below $5500 area.
Bitcoin price failed to climb above $6000 area. BTC became quite volatile and indecisive after the price bounced from $4000 key support area.
Gold bounced higher from $1550 support area, and the Bulls may recover further. After an extended period of Bears pressure, Bulls found support at $1550.
Bitcoin price is approaching the potential reversal zone while heading lower after rejecting the $10,500 area earlier. What next can BTC traders expect?
Bitcoin Retesting Support at $9500 again after several bounces from the level. After the intense Bearish pressure breaking $10,000, Bulls are struggling.