Latest Ponzi Scheme News

The FBI has arrested a 24-year-old trader Jeremy Spence of creating the Coin Signals cryptocurrency pyramid scheme.
Chinese authorities have prosecuted 6 members of the PlusToken ponzi scheme. The alleged scam ran for over a year and pocketed $5.8 billion.
ASIC has banned former BitConnect Ponzi scheme representative, John Louis Anthony Bigatton from providing financial services for seven years.
The US SEC accused David Hu, co-founder and chief investment officer at International Investment Group LLC (IIG), of running a Ponzi scheme fraud.
The alleged leader behind the massive crypto fraud OneCoin, Konstantin Ignatov has again had his sentencing control date adjourned for the second time.
Police have shut down Bitisis crypto exchange after been accused of pulling an exit scam with investment capitals garnered from Chinese residents.
OneCoin Scam is Still Live in Asia
Feb 19, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
The OneCoin scam brazenly still operating out in the open in Asia. This scam is hosting an event in Japan in four days and advertising it on Facebook.
Whale Alert detects 789,525 Ethereum transferred by the South Korea-based PlusToken scam. Is Ethereum price dump is imminent?
OneCoin Scam timeline - where is Ruja Ignatova?
Nov 15, 2019
MD Rockybul Hasan
Thousands of investors lost money with OneCoin Scam. Meanwhile, OneCoin co-founder Ruja Ignatova has disappeared with $ 400 million fraud allegation.
Is Mediatrix Capital scam or reliable? US SEC has obtained a temporary restraining order and asset freeze against 3 persons involved a Ponzi-like scheme.