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Central Bank Official states PBoC Digital Currency needs crypto features,  such as increased transactions privacy, would help provide a future digital currency with a competitive advantage. 
Today’s economic data release of February Retail Sales and February Industrial Production provide a clear picture of the Chinese economy. This article, 14 March Chinese Retail Sales - Economic Growth Outlook gives a detailed report.
People's Bank of China Governor Yi Gang calls Bitcoin inspiring, which gives hope to Chinese cryptocurrency investors that the country officials might potentially change their strict stance in regards to the digital currency market.  
China to protect Yuan from unofficial cryptocurrencies, according to the deputy governor of the PBoC. He has backed the development of a government regulated cryptocurrency, stating the one of the objectives is “…to further intensify reform and innovation, solidly promote the R&D of the central bank’s digital currency”
China's Central Bank to launch Forex Lending business, which is aimed at improving trading activities in the currency markets and to strengthen China’s domestic forex market.
Bitcoin margin trading legal or illegal? This question arose after a number of key Bitcoin exchanges in China have suspended the margin trading.
Credit Suisse CNY stability before the storm
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
After China’s restrictions, the market seems to be in a mood of CNY stability. However, according to Credit Suisse CNY report, the storm is still to come...
Central Bank of China meets Bitcoin Exchanges in private today. What is the topic of discussion? How will be the digital currency affected?
China moves towards QE?
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
What's currently happening in China needs to be looked from a bigger picture. What opportunities and misconceptions it creates and what is up with SHCOMP...
PBOC Bitcoin Exchanges meeting highlights: The central bank of China has released an official statement on its website, where it outlined the details.