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Canadian regulator, the OSC has authorized the management company Evolve Funds Group to launch its Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).
The first publicly traded bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in North America has been given the go-ahead by Canada’s financial regulator.
Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX will block all Ontario users from its platform starting next month to comply with OSC regulations.
In the latest developments, Ontario Securities Commission Approves First Canadian Blockchain ETF from an independent Canadian investment management company, Harvest Portfolios.
The Ontario Securities Commission has issued a temporary "cease trade order" against Bitcoin MLM scheme USI Tech. Based on what grounds did the Canadian regulator issue the order against the entity without a hearing? 
Canadian regulator OSC gathers info about crypto platforms that operate in the province. According to the OSC spokeswoman, Kristen Rose, the agency has been receiving a “number of complaints” in relation to the platforms selling cryptocurrencies that can potentially qualify as securities.
Canadian Regulator OSC warns against BitConnect, adding that neither BitConnect, nor BCC Exchange and its representatives are registers in Ontario. They are not legally allowed to solicit investments or provide professional advice on investing in, selling, or buying securities.
The Canadian regulator added a new broker to its warning list. The OSC Zurich Prime warning, advises traders to avoid any dealings with unauthorised broker.
OSC warning against Algo capitals
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
Due authorization to ply its trade in the Canadian region is needed, making its activities illicit in Canada, prompting the warning against Algo capitals...
Today, OSC has announced the appointment of two new OSC commissioners. They will serve for two years starting November 2016.